One Decision, Infinite Rewards

Who you are, what you have, where you stand now, is what you wanted so far. Not satisified?! Change it!

Decide who you want to be…

What I do

I offer customizes workshops, seminars and courses as well as individual sessions in English, Swedish and Farsi.

Workshop & Seminar

Customized workshops and seminars of various length and themes, to suit your need.

Semiprivate sessions

Selected subjects or full set of teaching for a small group of 2-10 individuals.

Private sessions

We also offer individual teaching and consulting, tailored to meet your needs.

The authority to choose what you want in life, the potential to get control over destiny, together with instructions and directives to get you where you wish to go and what you desire to have, is a package you are born with!

All you need to do is… 

Despite human’s instinct awareness of his power over circumstances, numerous academic studies on this matter, as well as hundreds of various teachings on how to improve lives by changing Thoughts, we still struggle to get what we want. We try and fail. We feel weary, defeated, hopeless, helpless, disappointed, depressed, anxious, frustrated, and lost. Why?!

Human’s Non-Biological Being from Birth to Death

Throughtout a comprehensive series of teachings, we introduce a new image of our non-biological being which in turn will renew other fundemental definitions in life and eventually manifest an entirely different vision of us and our lives.

The two co-existing good and evil spirits; The pure freedom of human to take good or evil side; The accountability for choices meaning that man will stand the consequence of his decisions and actions; As well as human’s potential to achieve perfection in this life; were suggested by ancient philosopher, Zoroaster, around 1500 BC.

After this teaching you get a new picture of Your real being, Life, and Source; your view towards future clears up and you can see where you are heading to; wonders and confusions will turn into certainty and belief; you will recognize that you are already renewed and your life has started being transformed. You are about to feel the true fulfilment!